Pigeons Care

There are almost 200 varieties of pigeon. Some may fly well while some can not. Each variety differs from another with respect to color as well. No matter the type of breed, pigeons have been kept as pet by the kings as well as the poor peasants, the old as well as the young. These birds like to perch and generally prefer a flat place for perching. So, if you are caging a pigeon in your house, make sure of proper pigeon care by providing the bird with a big cage with ample scope of perching.

 The following are some steps of pet pigeon care that would help you to maintain your pigeon efficiently.
Steps of pet pigeon care

  • A big cage is necessary for your pigeon. The cage should be that big enough to provide the bird enough space to stretch its wings.
  • Place the cage away from the reach of dogs, cats and other pets. Pigeons prefer cages that are at least covered from two sides. Placing of the cage near the wall would be a good idea. Or you may also use a cloth or a towel to cover a part of the cage. But the cage must be at the same time well ventilated.
  • As pigeon care make provisions for your pet pigeon to carry out its regular exercise at least for 2 hours.
  • To facilitate perching you may introduce a plat brick for the pigeon.
  • A pigeon when it attains the age of 5 or 6 months becomes sexually matured. With the permission of the hen the cock builds up a nest for the couple to breed and lay eggs. For your pet even if it is single, the bird would likely prefer to build its own nest out of instinctual habit. For proper pigeon acre you may provide your pet pigeon with a bucket lined with a towel as his nest. Pigeons generally prefer cup shaped nest.
  • The cage must be cleaned on a regular basis. Unlike ducks pigeons prefer dry places. Keep a watch on the food that they eat. Often due to lack of pigeon care the food gets contaminated with their won feces which may lead to attack of disease. You may use vinegar for cleaning the cage. The vinegar is acidic in nature and is even able to destroy bacterial germs, molds and fungus.
  • Pigeons are basically grain eaters and their diet should include nutrient in equal proportion. You may buy pigeon food from pet stores or you may also prepare on your own. An ideal pigeon food must contain 12% to 15% protein. The common food items for a pigeon include wheat, peas (yellow or green), barley, millet, corn, flax seeds, oats, sesame seeds and even sometimes brown rice. You may also serve your pet with green vegetables like small pieces of carrots, kale, unsalted peanuts and spinach. Sunflower seeds and black oils seeds are some of the favorite treats of pigeons. Pigeon grit is very important for digestion. The grit may consist of ingredients like oyster shells, charcoal, salts and other minerals. If you are proving pellets as the food for the pigeon, you are not required to add grits to it.
  • Pigeons must be given fresh water every day. Once a week you may give apple cider vinegar for pigeons which will be followed by a day of fresh water and then pro-biotic. Garlic clove soaked in water can also be served to the pigeon once a week. This will help to strengthen the immune system of the bird.
  • Pigeons that mainly stay indoors special pigeon care has to be taken for providing nutrition. Nutritious elements like minerals, vitamins like vitamin D3 are essential for pigeons. From your nearby pet store you can buy avian supplements like Globals, Foys, Siegels, and Jedds.
  • During the time of molting you may treat your birds with wheat germ oil.
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